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Increased Interest from HNWI for Wealth Preservation Drives Evolution of Chinese Offshore Fund Vehicles

One of the more interesting aspects of being part of a global business is the opportunity to see macro- economic trends emerge and witness how they are shaped by the social and cultural values that drive them. Today, one of the most significant of these is the flow of domestic Chinese wealth to offshore investment […]

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New Day, New Brand

As we set out to create a new brand identity for Custom House Global Fund Services, we had a big goal in mind. As a freshly, re-minted independent fund administrator to the industry, we wanted our brand architecture to reflect the spirit of a company that has 25-years’ experience and expertise serving the investment management […]

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The New Independent Fund Administrator

Changes in the hedge fund sector and in the financial services industry in general, are requiring fund administrators to return to a more credible and core values business model. Mark Hedderman, CEO of Custom House Global Fund Services, addresses in this Viewpoint the recent transition of his firm back to a fully independent ownership model, […]

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Continuing Professional Development Course for Directors of Investment Companies and Investment Funds

The following is a presentation I gave on Monday 16th February at the “Continuing Professional Development Course for Directors of Investment Companies and Investment Funds”, held in Malta, organised by the Directors Chambers and sponsored by the MFSA (Malta Financial Services Authority). The text represents my own personal opinions and thoughts and is not necessarily […]

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A Modern Greek Tragedy

I believe it was Winston Churchill who said something to the effect that, as a political system, democracy was not perfect, but it was the best available.  Ironically, on the one hand, the situation – i.e .the election result – we can observe in Greece (which is renowned as the cradle of democracy) is a […]

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