TMF Custom House Fund Services (Luxembourg) S.A.

Mark Hedderman

Unico Building-1st Floor | 13 rue Edward Steichen | L-2540 Luxembourg

T  +352 229 444-1  +352 229 444-1


Office Profile

Luxembourg has been steadily growing its financial services industry for the last 30 years and is now the second largest investment centre in the world after the US.  A  founding member of the European Union, Luxembourg offers a centre of high sophistication,  an experienced and multinational workforce, deep technology resources and a stable business environment.  With a strong and established regulator that offers a commitment to the prudential supervision of the financial services sector, Luxembourg is globally recognised as an established location for the provision of financial services to sophisticated and institutional fund structures.   In August 2011 the estimated AUM in Luxembourg was over €2 billion Euro, proving that even in turbulent times that the domicile is still recognised as a stable and secure jurisdiction.
TMF Custom House’s Luxembourg office was inherited after the merger in 2008 but the original license to the office was provided by the Luxembourg Ministry of Finance in 2004.  Since its successful integration into the TMF Custom House family the office has blended into our seamless technology model and operates off the same systems and utilises the same controls and procedures as all other local offices.  TMF Custom House Luxembourg is able to offer access to the Groups global infrastructure and services local clients utilising the efficiencies of the model.  The office offers the full range of Group services with a vastly experienced management and workforce who have become an important addition to reach of TMF Custom House and the markets we can access.
TMF Custom House is committed to the successful growth of its Luxembourg presence as we seek to increase our exposure to the local Private Equity and Real Estate fund market along with offering our traditional services to the wider local alternative investment fund sector.  It is anticipated that TMF Custom House Luxembourg will play an increased role in the success of the Group as the jurisdiction itself continues to be a world leader as a financial services location.