Fund Administration Service

TMF Custom House offers a full range of fund administration services to every aspect of the alternative investment fund sector.  This ranges from single stand-alone funds, to multi-manager managed account platforms, to the traditional offshore or onshore/offshore master feeder structure.  Any alternative investment fund from fund of funds to the domestic LP’s, right through to tax reporting preparation are catered for and all strategies across the investment spectrum are represented.  Along with calculating the NAV of the fund and handling all investor transactions and communication, TMF Custom House will prepare the financial statements of the fund and arrange the audit and any appropriate filings. TMF Custom House maintains the share register of the fund and provides unaudited financials as requested.

Applying industry best practices, TMF Custom House will value the fund in line with the Offering Memorandum and Pricing Policy using agreed third party price sources, whilst at all times, remain an independent valuation agent and service provider.

TMF Custom House has a dedicated fund transition team to assist with the on-boarding of new clients, along with the transfer of existing funds from other administrators.

Utilising its 24 hour global operational model, which is neither volume nor complexity sensitive, TMF Custom House structures the servicing of the fund in the most time-efficient, client-friendly fashion.  This often means a T+1 delivery for daily funds and an extra-efficient delivery of all weekly and monthly valuations.  TMF Custom House prides itself on being one of the market leaders in fund data capture and reconciliation and has created a platform that maximises the benefits of FIX Protocol technology along with the use of FTP sites to interface with managers and brokers/banks and custodians.  This forms part of the TMF Custom House strategy to deliver a 24-hour accessible service to our fund clients, their investors and the managers (collectively "our fund clients"), offering real-time access to their investment information.  In conjunction with our global 24-hour presence, this intelligent use of technology allows us to position ourselves to best meet the needs of our fund administration clients and offer them both everyday and tailored specific information when they need it and not only on traditional reporting cycles.