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Custom House Fund Services (USA) LLC

1 N Franklin St | Chicago | Illinois 60606


+ 1 312 280 0330

The Chicago Loop is the second largest commercial business district in the United States, after New York City’s Midtown Manhattan. Its financial district near LaSalle Street is home to the CME Group’s Chicago Board of Trade and Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Ideally located in the Midwest central time zone, and with a long tradition of universities catering for the alternative financial markets, Chicago offers a strong alternative to the East Coast as a location for a financial services provider. Access to a young, well-educated workforce with direct knowledge of complex financial markets has enabled us to develop a sophisticated service with a solid and reliable technical infrastructure and competitive cost base.

Custom House opened in Chicago in 2005, representing the first overseas venture in the creation of our 24-hour model. Our initial goal was to expand the operational day from Dublin, allowing us to conduct daily business more efficiently. As the office became established, we migrated the full servicing responsibility for our US clients to Chicago.

Chicago’s role has evolved as our operating model has changed and now plays a dual role. It continues to maintain an operational presence to support US clients, but also relies on our core offices in Sofia and Malta to provide fund accounting services. This way, we can support daily NAV processing for clients in US and Canadian time zones, with information available to the manager at the start of their day, as well as allowing us to service US clients locally.

Clients deal directly with staff in their own time zone, while investors avail of our global 24-hour coverage – production occurs in the most efficient time zone.

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