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Custom House Fund Services (Singapore) Private Limited

38 Beach Road | South Beach Tower | #29-11 | Singapore 189767


+65 6808 1542

Singapore has steadily grown as a reputable financial services location for over 40 years and is establishing itself as a viable alternative to the more traditional financial centres in the region. With a pro-business environment, excellent infrastructure, an educated workforce and proactive financial regulator, it is becoming a preferred location to do business. Strategically located within the region, it offers a gateway to the wider Asian market and supports a burgeoning local fund management community. Total assets under management in Singapore have topped the S$ 1 trillion mark and the government’s commitment to providing a stable business environment indicates this success is likely to continue.

Custom House opened in Singapore in February 2007. From a standing start, it quickly became an important addition to a growing financial services sector there. Chosen to provide a presence in an Asian time zone and ‘round the clock’ global operations, the new location also attracted indigenous business of its own. Having created a substantial fund services model, it has become the template for setting up a fund administration presence in Singapore.

As our operating model evolves, the Singapore office will use our core accounting centres in Sofia and Malta to maintain a daily service environment. Singapore, however, will always remain the core client servicing centre for the Asian client base. Offering the full suite of services, Singapore has an established management team and a motivated and experienced workforce. It fulfils a dual role of participating in the global operational model, as well as attracting and servicing local clients.

Along with supporting the local market, Singapore acts as a platform for other jurisdictions in the region. We retain a sales and relationship management presence in Hong Kong and actively participate in industry events in nearby emerging markets.


Tony Carr, Managing Director 


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