For twenty five years, we’ve honed our skills, built our knowledge and prioritised client objectives.


Our Vision

‘Clarity and transparency are fundamental principles at Custom House. As an independent fund administrator, we aim to be the service provider of choice for alternative fund managers. This means consistently providing a high quality professional service at a fair and competitive price.’

We are specialists in fund administration, which means that Custom House has knowledge, skills and experience that are altogether more concentrated.

Unlike other firms who offer administration packaged with other services, we believe the most effective representation of the administrator service is to be independent. We want to bring value to our clients and provide security and comfort to their investors. We are specialists in fund administration, which means our knowledge, skills and experience are concentrated in this one critical area. We know our field extensively. Instead of diluting our strengths, we focus our strongest talents on helping our clients to excel.

Custom House offers data-driven insight, unbiased reporting that is tailored to individual client needs and an ability and desire to go beyond one-dimensional reporting.

This makes us a powerful asset and a valuable partner to both small and medium-sized investment managers in all kinds of ways.

We support all fund types and structures but specialize on alternative investments (including private equity, real estate and venture capital) and hedge funds.

We tailor the support for each fund to meet the client’s needs, providing them with practical solutions to such problems as valuations for daily dealing hedge funds and pricing hard to value OTC and other illiquid assets.