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Direct Lending Services

Custom House has partnered with the TMF Structured Finance Group to provide fund administration services for its structured finance clients.

TMF Group’s Structured Finance services team is an established management, administrative and accounting services provider offering specialised services to transaction sponsors, issuers, financial advisors and their counsel. The team has served the structured finance and securitisation markets since 1971.

Combined Assets of Funds Services and TMF Structured Finance is $145-155bn.

The New York TMF Structured Finance team (LordSPV), originally a Goldman Sachs division, serves as a pioneer in many new securitised assets, most recently residential PACE.

  • Independent deal document review
  • LoanIQ by Misys – fully integrated loan servicing platform
  • Maintain full record of outstanding loans
  • Process all loan activity including interest, principal, fees, rollovers and drawdowns
  • Monitor borrower compliance
  • Issue borrower notices
  • Collateral and covenant reporting capabilities
  • Cash reconciliation between received and expected activity
  • Internal counsel with extensive experience with complex amendments, restructuring and enforcement processes
  • Collateral and covenant monitoring