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Fund Formation

It can be a daunting experience to set up and launch an alternative investment fund, while simultaneously securing seed capital or fine-tuning investment techniques. We recognise that a fund may fail, not from a poor investment performance, but from mistakes made during initial set up. That is why we developed our own turn-key solution to assist with each step, from incorporating the fund right through to launch. This ‘project management’ style solution reassures the manager that all administrative, corporate and legal work required to launch the fund is carried out by our specialised and experienced team. It is another way of empowering the manager to develop his new venture successfully.

We have relationships with lawyers in all the main jurisdictions and offer a hands-on service to customise funds to the structure required. We assist in developing relationships with other service providers, such as brokers, banks, custodians, auditors and directors, leaving you perfectly positioned to build your fund. We cater for new start-up managers and established clients, helping them to launch new products in a trusted, cost-effective and timely manner.

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Administration Fees & Annual Operating Costs (84 KB) Fund Set Up Summarised (70 KB) Organisational Expenses - the cost of setting up a Fund (68 KB)

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