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Investor Services

We’ve spent the last 25 years listening to our clients, understanding their individual requirements and responding with speed, determination and agility.

We have even won a few awards along the way, mainly in the area of client service, of which we are very proud. Unlike many of the “one-size-fits all” administration services out there, we believe in customising services that have the power to liberate our clients to focus on what it is they are good at. Nowhere is this more important than in our investor services. The accurate and timely calculation of the NAV is vital, but equally important is the professional and courteous servicing of investors. We will make sure that your investors are our priority at all times. Core services include:


Back-Office Investor Services
  • Process subscription/redemption/transfer/switches in accordance with the Offering Memorandum/ PPM
  • Maintain a copy of the register
  • Prepare deal sheets/distribution deal sheets/dividend deal sheets
  • Arrange for redemption payments or dividend payments
  • Collect and collate the anti-money laundering and due diligence documentation of shareholders
  • Prepare capital call/distribution advice and monitor receipt/payment of funds
  • Rebalance to support multiple closings
  • Monitor ERISA/New Issues/US Investors
  • Maintain the share register and send to the registered office
  • Assist investors in completing redemption and subscription applications
  • Prepare board reports
  • Complete investor and fund audits
  • Assist with the winding down of funds
  • Complete projects at IM’s request
  • Monitor all Investor Capital movements and reconciling these against cash movements reported by the cash accounts
  • Maintain a parallel record of the Share Register (to include all investor dealing)
Maintain copies of AML and Investor related notifications
  • Review of shareholders AML documents in line with the requirements listed in the Offering Material
  • On-going monitoring on all existing fund shareholders. To do this certain documentation must be kept up to date, Custom House will constantly monitoring shareholders documentation to ensure the relevant documents are in date
  • Transaction Monitoring
  • Counterparty Screening – terrorist & PEP’s monitoring
  • Risk monitoring and classification using a Custom House internal Risk Based Approach
  • Board meeting presentation / reports
  • Provision of monthly reports detailing the current status of the investors AML
  • Provision of Letter of Comforts to other admistrators / banks / service providers


Front-Office Investor Services
  • Answer all investor and potential investor queries via phone and email within 24hrs
  • Communicate Trade Receipt emails to investors within 24hrs
  • Issue investor statements and confirmation notes
  • Communicate fund-pricing information to various pricing platforms at month end
  • Distribute investor communications, audited financials and K-1’s
  • Maintain the share register and send to the registered office
  • Request Directors’ resolutions when needed
  • Liaising with shareholders and prospective shareholders


Our geographical reach affords a more efficient servicing of funds and regular communication with managers and investors. Investor services are open from midnight GMT Sunday (8am on Monday in Singapore) to midnight GMT Friday (6pm on Friday in Chicago) with a crossover from each region providing access to an investor services representative at any time.

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