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Portfolio & Managed Accounts

With portfolio and managed accounts, where the focus is on the timely valuation of the positions and how this data is presented and analysed, our process is at its most effective – particularly as the portfolios and managed accounts can be updated as trade information becomes available.

The ability to capture and process data as efficiently as possible is a key strategic objective of Custom House. We deliver this through our 24-hour operational capability to provide T+1 reporting. We are increasing our investment in FIX Protocol Technology applications, which along with our online reporting delivers close to real-time portfolio reporting, independently reconciled and priced by us as it evolves during the trading day. Our ultimate goal is a mirror reflection of the trading activity, independently verified by Custom House as quickly as possible.

Historically, Custom House has serviced approximately 200 daily portfolios and managed account entities, using a combination of technology and global operational coverage. We provide our clients with a fully independent valuation, with fees appropriately calculated, along with supporting accounting reports on T+1. It is also possible to get further quantitative reporting through our partnership with specialist providers. As demands in transparency and timeliness increase, we have married technology with global coverage to adapt and meet the needs of clients and investors.

For small start-up managers, we have partnered with Nirvana Software to leverage their front-office tools, providing the manager with OMS and Portfolio Management Systems integrated with the Custom House back-office fund accounting platforms.

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