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Shadow Accounting

As managers look to strengthen their back office operations, there is a real benefit to partnering with administrators who have expertise in trade capture, reconciliation and pricing.

At Custom House, we have developed our own solution enabling managers to capture, reconcile and price portfolios or ‘shadow’ their own back office reporting. This provides an important independent check to investors. Responsibility for accurate valuation reporting remains with the manager, but the addition of this ‘shadow’ role when performed by Custom House provides greater substance and comfort.

As shadow accounting for self-administered funds continues to develop, both the larger managers of independently administered funds and institutional investors have used independent shadow accounts to verify the valuations of funds, managed portfolios and/or managed account platforms.

It is an efficient and cost-effective solution for managers looking to complement their back office, without the cost and unnecessary risk of changing a trusted in-house capability. Timing for delivery of the reports can be customised to suit both manager and investor. Taking full advantage of Custom House’s global coverage and technical capabilities, managers will receive a ‘shadow’ version of their portfolio directly, while investors can be advised via CHARIOT, or by the managers own reporting tool.


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